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ID BBN offers every service you need for improving marketing and sales with automation. With our expertise, you learn how to set up successful marketing automation, give your marketing team the necessary skills, plan and implement fluid campaigns, reach your customers with effective content marketing, provide sales with ready leads and enjoy measurable results.
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Opi luomaan perusta tehokkaalle markkinoinnin automaatiolle konsultointipalvelujemme avulla.


Hyödynnä osaamistamme kaikilla markkinoinnin automaation osa-alueilla, mukaan lukien käyttöönotto, järjestelmän auditointi ja tietoturva.


Toteuta tehokkaita automaatiokampanjoita vaihe vaiheelta markkinointipalvelujemme avulla.


Luo sopivaa sisältöä asiakkaan matkan jokaiseen vaiheeseen.


Ota markkinoinnin automaatiosta paras mahdollinen hyöty teknisen osaamisemme avulla.


Pidä automaatio tehokkaasti käynnissä hyödyntämällä asiantuntevaa koulutustamme ja luotettavaa tukeamme.


Learn how to lay the groundwork for successful marketing automation with our consultancy services.


Get expert service covering all aspects of marketing automation, including implementation, auditing your system and contact level security.


Create successful marketing automation campaigns stage by stage using our marketing services.


Develop relevant content for every stage of the buyer's journey.


Utilize the full value of marketing automation with our technical knowhow.


Keep your automation going with the help of our professional training and reliable support.

Organizational MarTec Roadmaps

Create strategic guidelines for e.g. aligning sales and marketing, providing lead management and funneling optimization support.

Marcom Tech Blueprints

Choose a marketing technology stack that fits your business needs and prepare your organization to leverage the technology.

Marketing Automation Onboarding

Create an understanding of the functions and options of marketing automation. Get marketing teams acquainted with system functions and plan your first campaign together.

Marketing System Technical Ramp-Up

Have your marketing team engage with a system that is tested and ready for use, with users and user groups in place.

Marketing Automation Audit

Go through how your system has been set up and used. Find out how your organization has progressed in adopting modern marketing methodologies.

Multi-Unit Contact Admin

Ensure that users in multiple business units have access to appropriate contact data.

Subscription Centre

Implement a user-friendly sign in/sign out where visitors can select the types of messages they want to receive. Meet the needs of global subscription policies and regulations with a complete set-up.

Project Management

Make your campaigns run smoothly with our services for coordination and project management.

Campaign building and creative content

Ensure efficiency in all your communication using our services for campaign building, creative content design and assets production.

Testing and internal simulations

Get the necessary metrics for building successful campaigns with testing and internal simulations.

Technical Campaign Management

Set up campaign canvases and steps in the system. Plan and implement all campaign steps to ensure a smooth flow.

Buyer Personas

Define the essential features of your customers with detailed buyer personas that are used as the basis for different lines of marketing communication.

Buyer Journey Mapping

Assess the motivations and preferences of your buyer personas at every stage for planning and executing a successful automation campaign.

Content production

Learn what type of content should be provided at each stage of the buyer's journey, and use our services creating additional content.


Get the most out of your martech solutions by integrating additional data sources – such as CRM, ERP, data warehouse – to your platform. Extend existing tool functionality by integrating any application with an API to your marketing automation platform.

Integrated custom cloud applications

Extend the out-of-the-box functionality of your marketing automation platform with cloud applications that we build for your custom needs. These apps can be used as drag and drop type components inside your automation campaign flows, making custom features available to all marketing users.

Lead Routing and Lead Scoring

Help leads flow through the funnel with proper routing practices. Use co-dynamic lead scoring to prioritize leads that are passed over to sales.

Tracking and Reporting

Implement best practices for consistent and automated reporting on campaigns, month over month.

Onboarding Training

Give marketing teams the knowhow they need to get started with marketing automation.

Ongoing User Training

Ensure efficient and smooth operation with professional training for marketing automation users.

Support Services & Help Desk

Rely on expert help for day-to-day support services when you lack resources or need technical advice. Receive a prompt and efficient response to every support request thanks to our easy-to-use ticketing system.